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-Jack Dempsey | May 4th, 2018

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While we work to ensure Beta Assistant is always learning and updating with improvement to serve you better, please help us improve our service by sending your suggestions and experience usage with Beta Assistant.


Beta Assistant is still learning and updating while you interact with it.

At the moment, you can ask Beta for help with:

· Make an Order/Reservation and Book Appointment
· Contact Company
· Learn more about company

Getting to know Beta Assisstant

Beta Assistant is built to serve as a hands free experience for all users. As technologies improves, Robot and Voice command have been in development in the recent years, today it has emerged as a helpful companion to complete our simple task.

We thought it would help our client and their customers engage, communicate, present and provide better service, so we have built Beta Assistant. Say Hi to your Artificial Intelligent Beta Assistant. Interact with it, teach it!

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