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Fight Weight Gain using a patch! Our transdermal patch is the science of appetite control
The all natural weight loss transdermal patch! Order now to control your appetite and live a healthier life!
Our weight loss clinic and research center developed this patch to specifically target appetite control This is the only transdermal patch (patent pending) with all natural ingredients and with a success rate greater than 90%

Natural Counterweight RX® transdermal patches reduce the craving for food by blocking areas that cause a craving for food. You unconsciously exercise appetite control with this safe, effective, drug free product.

As you wear a fresh patch every day, the natural ingredients diffuse through the skin and are carried to the sensitized sites that cause a craving for food. The Counterweight RX® Patch desensitizes those areas, diminishing the craving for food.

The patch can be worn regardless of any treatment or medication you may be taking because it is all natural and drug free.

Appetite suppression is not an overnight miracle cure. It takes hold slowly, and becomes effective in a healthy sustainable manner. You lose weight because your appetite is restored to a normal, healthy level. There is no urge or craving to overeat. You are in effect going on a diet without consciously dieting. The craving for fatty foods is particularly diminished.

There are many ways to lose weight, but most will prove disappointing. This is because we are dealing with a complex physiological/psychological number of factors. Counterweight RX® is still effective in these circumstances.

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