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We Don’t See You as a Victim. We See You as a Human Being.

Have you been injured in a car accident or as a result of a fall? Have you experienced a sexual assault, recently or in the past? Natalie will give you a voice in the legal system.

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Thunder Bay Personal Injury and Sexual Assault Lawyer

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Natalie Gerry at Gerry Law knows how lost and helpless people sometimes feel when they’ve been injured through no fault of their own. You may feel confusion and even guilt, and you may not know what your first step should be.

You are not alone.

Natalie Gerry is a Thunder Bay Personal Injury and Sexual Assault lawyer with years of experience standing up for clients who were injured by another person’s negligence or violent actions. Natalie ensures that you will be heard no matter what your gender identification, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or beliefs. Gerry Law provides a safe, inclusive space for everyone in need. Because no matter who you are, you deserve respect, you deserve compassion, and you deserve a voice.

Natalie will give everything you deserve and more.

About Us

Gerry at Gerry Law approaches Personal Injury and Sexual Assault cases with compassion, professionalism, and dedication. Natalie works hard to create an inclusive atmosphere.


Natalie Gerry Empowers You to Make the Best Choices for You

When you choose Natalie Gerry to represent you, she doesn’t “take your case” in the traditional sense. Natalie’s goal is to empower you, giving you knowledge and the benefit of her years of experience so you can make the choices that are right for you and your life. Then, she works on your behalf through the legal system to get the compensation you need to move on with your life. And if things change for you along the way, Natalie will change along with you.


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If you’ve been injured or experienced a sexual assault, Natalie will help you work through the confusion so you can decide your next move.