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A sexual assault is a traumatic, horrific experience. What happened to you is not okay – and it is certainly not your fault. Natalie Gerry at Gerry Law is a Thunder Bay sexual assault lawyer who will help you seek the legal compensation you deserve. She specializes in Personal Injury law and particularly cases involving sexual assault and sexual abuse in Northwestern Ontario.

From the start, Natalie approaches your case differently. The Gerry Law offices are a safe space for everyone because you deserve respect no matter what your gender/identity, sexual preferences, or background. Yes, her expertise is fighting for the legal rights of those injured through no fault of their own. But Natalie also understands the human side of sexual assault. Personal injury, and especially sexual assault, affects everyone differently. Natalie listens to you and your story to get a good understanding of who you are and your own personal experience.

Natalie also understands that not every course of action is the “right one” for everyone who’s experienced sexual assault. She takes the time to explain your legal possibilities with you. Natalie empowers you with knowledge and choices so you can make the best decisions for you based on your life and your needs. Then, Natalie will represent you in the legal system, fighting for you and for your rights – and for the compensation you deserve.

Sexual assault cases never expire, and you have the right to pursue your case at any time. When you are ready, contact Natalie. She can help.

Sexual Abuse Survivors Can Seek Compensation Long After the Abuse Has Stopped

The emotional and psychological effects of sexual abuse can affect the daily lives of people long after the abuse itself has stopped. Many even feel like they are to blame. They feel shamed and trapped and unsure of what they can do now.

You are not alone.

Natalie Gerry helps people of sexual assault including long-term sexual and physical abuse in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. Sexual abuse cases never expire, and you can start seeking compensation decades after the abuse happened.

Contact Natalie for a free consultation. You have options, whether you experience sexual assault, sexual abuse, or any other type of injury. Natalie meets with clients in her offices in Thunder Bay, or by phone or Zoom anywhere in Northwestern Ontario.

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Natalie is available for in-person meetings in her office, or by phone or Zoom anywhere in Northwestern Ontario including Thunder Bay.