A lifetime of all-natural joint support for your dog in a delicious small chewable treat! Because chondroitin combinations are not enough!

Exclusive dual action, preventative and restorative, for the athletic integrity of every breed.

Enhances joint stability and mobility as your pup develops, start at 4 months, lays a sound foundation that encourages their later quality of life.

Joints become more vulnerable to damages as the cartilage that lines them becomes thinner and the lubricating (synovial) fluid is reduced as our pets age. This means that joint surfaces aren’t able to slide as smoothly over one another, causing discomfort. Joints become stiffer as the ligaments and tendons become more rigid and muscle tone and bone strength is reduced.

These changes make physical tasks more and more difficult and JointFlex.Live means it need not to happen.

Aside from companionship, one of the primary factors in your pet’s quality of life is the joy of moving freely and easily. JointFlex.Live ensures that the development and maintenance of healthy muscles, bones and joints allow our beloved pets the quality of life they deserve.

Joint mobility and hip dysplasia

Some dogs begin to show signs of joint disorders and hip dysplasia as young as four months of age, while other dogs develop it in conjunction with osteoarthritis as they age. Large breed dogs are more vulnerable, but owners of small dogs are not off the hook. Small and medium breed dogs can also develop hip dysplasia and joint disorders.

It is always better to prevent the condition then to cure it. Maintaining joint health from a young age is the best option as it ensures mobility in the older years. Bur at any age the condition must be addressed.

Watching your dog suffer from increasingly debilitating joint pain is as painful for you as for your dog. JointFlex.Live helps with a number of conditions, including stiffness, hip dysplasia, and arthritis. It is a great way to protect younger dogs from future joint problem.

Our ingredients include naturally sourced glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. All have proven value in reducing inflammation and repairing cartilage, they are widely used in osteoarthritis conditions. The joint restorative action of these natural products is enhanced by the addition of the botanicals curcumin and piperine, themselves valuable in reducing joint inflammation while increasing the effectiveness of the other agents.

Weak bones in dogs

With the amount of activities that dogs engage in over the span of a day, it’s important that they have strong, healthy bones for support! The dog’s skeletal system is an extremely important mechanism for running, jumping, digging, and catching. It is vital to ensure the condition of your dog’s bones especially with age.

The bones inside your dog’s consist of collagen, a type of protein-based fibers. Within these protein bases, fibers, calcium salts and phosphorus will deposit to make the bone stronger and more rigid. Only JointFlex.Live contains Tamanu seed oil, which stimulates collagen production.

There are also several bone-related diseases that can occur during your dog’s “growth spurt”, which is ongoing until the age of 2.

The natural sourced nondairy calcium/magnesium/phosphorous and vitamin d3 help in the development and maintenance of bone strength and density needed for a lifetime of mobility Vitamin K2 is included and is beneficial in preventing osteoporosis.

Muscle development

As a dog ages and enters it’s senior years, their body will lose muscle and flexibility. A classic case of “use it or lose it”. Furthermore, inflammatory diseases like osteoarthritis can manifest and cause pain, which can further limit mobility and their willingness to get up and moving. It can become a vicious cycle, leading to inactivity.

JointFlex.Live contains Betaine an amino acid that has been shown to have potential benefits for, improving body composition, and helping promote muscle gain and fat loss because of its abilities to promote protein synthesis in the body. It assists in laying the foundation of mobility as the dog ages.

Like your, JointFlex.Live wants your pet to have a long and active life.

Directions of use

Dogs 4-12 month of age can be given a treat every 2nd day
One year of age and older can be given a treat daily


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