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Bad loan debts, mortgages, personal loans, and so much more.

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Personal Loans

Do you need some extra money to go on a family vacation or to get a home renovation done?

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Mortgage Loans

Do you need assistance with your down payment or monthly mortgage payments?

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Debt Loans

If you have high interest rate debt like credit cards, loans borrowed and many more we can help.

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The Best Loan Products

Loan Advocate Financial offers customers the best loan products that are fitted perfectly to their individual situations, and provides a broad array of value-added services.

As our newest client, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your desired outcome. With a broad client base throughout the U.S. we are able to use all available resources to help you obtain your financial goals. This enables us to service clients with many distinct goals and needs. If at any time we do not live up to our commitment, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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1. The minimum time for repayment is 2 years and the maximum time for repayment is 10 years. For example on a ($10k 7% for 2 Years monthly payment at $447.73). The maximum period for repayment on a ($100K 7% for 10 Years monthly payment is $1,161.08).

2. 14% is the maximum (APR) and there are no other fees associated other the the cost of borrowing. "No Upfront fees"

3. Example ( $10k at 7% monthly payment of $447.73 for 2 years total interest paid is ($745.42)

4. We don't do short term loans only (Term Loans) 2 years or more, not (60 days or less)