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Seaway Pest Control

Seaway Pest Control provides affordable pest control services in Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall and the surrounding areas in Eastern Ontario. Our pest control technicians are licensed, insured and bonded and are highly trained to eliminate your residential and commercial pest infestations. We specialize in removal of spiders, crawling insects, carpenter ants and rodents. If you have a pest problem call Seaway Pest Control to get it under control.

Pest Control, Exterminator and Ant Control Services

If you have a pest problem call Seaway Pest Control for affordable pest control solutions. It’s always best to call Seaway Pest Control as soon as you notice the problem. The longer you wait will allow the pest more time to multiply. Controlling the problem quickly, will save you time and money.

Protect your Home, your Health, your Family and be Pest Free

Seaway Pest Control is dedicated to protecting the things that matter to you most which is why we provide effective pest control treatment. Our pest control technicians are experienced to know what to look for, where to look and how to get the pest problem under control.

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