'Don't Worry EP

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Spades is a new Canadian Hip Hop artist who wants to showcase his new Hip Hop releases to the Canadian market and also world wide. Canadian rap music and Canadian rappers are on the rise and are starting to get more publicity now than ever. If you like Hip Hop, Rap Music please feel free to have a listen to this independent Canadian Hip Hop artist and click the Facebook link to let us know whether you like or dislike what you hear.

Spades the Canadian rapper started doing rap music from the early age of 9 and did his first show in 2010 at the age of 17. This independent rapper is passionate about what he does and has learned a lot from listening to other Canadian rappers and rappers from abroad.

Spades is aware that there is a difficult long road ahead of him when it comes to Canadian Hip Hop and being Canadian rapper, but is ready walk down this path. He's a grounded Canadian rap artist who is surrounded by a great support team guiding him in the right direction of what he loves to do. Spades spends his time writing rap music and recording Hip Hop songs in the studio which keeps him out of out of the streets and out of trouble.

The sole purpose of this website is for Darnell Spades Fraser to promote his new Hip Hop releases to the public and the website will be updated with new Hip Hop songs as Spades continues to record in the studio. Hopefully this Canadian Hip Hop artist can get his rap music into the right hands and ears to get the big break that he is searching for. So if you like what you hear and wish to contact Spades just fill out the request a show form and we will get back in touch with you.

"It's great to see the younger generation trying to make something of themselves and pursuing what they love to do. If you have a dream just know that nothing comes easy and continue to work hard at bringing your dreams to reality. The harder you work the closer you get to your dreams"