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What exactly does a Florida Public Adjuster do for me? Hiring a Florida Public Adjuster can relieve mountains of stress and let you get back to your lives. Florida Public Adjusters are experts on property loss estimating and are retained by policy holders to assist in documenting, negotiating and settling insurance claims. Florida Public Adjusters can handle every detail of a claim, working closely with the insured to provide the most equitable and prompt settlement possible.

Once Hired, how do we help? We will quickly explain your Florida insurance policy coverages, we will file the claim for you, we will represent your interests and get you your maximum settlement. We go to work as soon as possible to document the fire or water damage and assemble the claim estimate with actual cost true to our area of Florida, Oklahoma, Arkansas & Louisana, not simply "average" cost from data assembled by the Insurance company. This means we often achieve a much higher settlement than first offered by the Insurance company. In Florida, the Insurance companies are bound by law to recognize our right to represent the homeowner and will communicate with me directly, saving you from any anxiety from that process. We maintain contact with Insurance company, and keep you informed of the progress, so you can let us take care of that frustrating part of the claim process.

When should I call a Florida Public Adjuster? Call a Florida Public Adjuster as soon after you discover damage that will likely result in and Insurance Claim like a fire or flood. The way a claim is handled is very important and the manner in which the claim is reported might make a major difference in how it is paid. A "sewer backup" is often paid differently than a "sewer overflow", and as a Florida Public Adjuster, I know the difference. Since there is no charge to get a free assessment of your claim, call today for your free review.

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